The Bad Elf Wombat has two major functions. First and foremost, it is used to download your avionics charts and transfer them to your cockpit avionics. Secondly,  it is made to upload engine logs from your aircraft to an analyzing service. This instruction guide is for the second part of that process: How to transfer from your iPad or iPhone to a 3rd party service. The first part of this process is here: Transferring from Avionics to your iPad/iPhone.

Before we begin, you will need several things:

iPad or iPhone to Service

1) This is the main screen of the Bad Elf Wombat app. For this process, tap on Export logs to other apps or cloud services.

2) Select the logs you wish transferred, and tap Export

3) From here you can choose to export the desired files to your preferred program. For a third party internet service on the internet, follow the route below. For using with a different app on this iPad or iPhone, follow the route below. 

4a) For this, I will be exporting to Savvy Analysis. Note, however, that the process is the same for the three options: Cirrus Reports, Savvy Analysis, and

For these services, you must be logged into the service, through the Wombat App, and have your aircraft information entered into Savvy Analysis, which can be done through their website (

If all of the boxes are checked, tap Start exporting

5a) It may take a few minutes, depending on the amount of time. When the transfer is finished, tap OK. It will now be uploaded to your desired exporting service.

4b) To export to a different app on this iPad or iPhone, select the app, such as Cloud Ahoy below, or another app. You will then be taken to that App.


If you run into issues, or have questions on the process, contact us over email at