The Bad Elf Wombat has two main functions. First and foremost, it is used to update your Avionics Databases. However, on the other 29 days of the months, you can also use your Bad Elf to upload your Engine Logs to a monitoring service.

Before starting the following steps, which will show the process from within the Bad Elf Wombat App, take the relevant SD card or USB stick out of your panel, and insert it into the Wombat.

After that is complete, keep reading and follow along.

1. Open the Bad Elf Wombat App. Depending on whether your Wombat is on Logs mode, or on Avionics Database mode, it may or may not look exactly like this. Regardless, at the top left corner, you can see an icon with three horizontal lines. This will take you to the Settings page. Tap on that icon now, please.

2. Welcome to the Settings page. For our purposes today, we're just going to be addressing the Main Operation tab under Preferences. Currently, my Wombat app is set to Flight Logs. Let's change that to Avionics Databases by tapping on Main Operation. 

From there, tap Avionics Databases.

3. Now that that has changed, you can see it has changed from Flight Logs to Avionics Databases. Let's go back to the landing page by tapping Back in the top left corner.

4. Welcome back to the landing page. This is what the Avionics Databases mode looks like on the landing screen. You are all set! 

To switch back to Logs mode, simply follow these steps, selecting Logs instead of Avionics Databases in Step 3.

If you have any questions on this process, don't hesitate to email us at We're here to help.