This article will provide the steps to log in to your RTK network from your Bad Elf Flex app. 

Creating your NTRIP Profile:

  1. Power on Bad Elf Flex and connect to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth

  2. Open the Bad Elf Flex app on a phone or tablet with an internet connection

  3. Select Correction Mode 

    1. RTK via NTRIP

  4. Tap the blue arrow under Connection to NTRIP server

  5. Tap “+” to create a new profile

  6. NTRIP Profile

    1. Name

      1. Arbitrary, select a descriptive name for the network.

    2. Host

      1. IP or URL provided by the provider

    3. Port

      1. 4 or 5-digit number provided by the provider

    4. User ID

      1. Username is created by the user 

    5. Password

      1. Password is created by the user

    6. Mount Point

      1. The list will populate if the connection is successful, choose the closest operational mount point for the best results.  The list is ordered by the closest base station to the farthest.

      2. If mount points do not appear, there may be an issue with the Host or Port fields.  Please verify that they were entered correctly and that the network is operational. 

    7. Datum

      1. Datum of the mount point, usually “NAD83(2011)” in North America

    7. Click “save


Selecting your NTRIP Profile:

  1. Select a profile and ensure it’s checked

  2. Tap the back arrow to go back to the RTK via the NTRIP checklist

  3. Tap “Connect”, the blue button

  4. Verify packets are being received and corrections are being used

    1. Packets

    2. KB

    3. RTK(Fix


 5. If corrections are not being used, check if:
  1. The Bad Elf Flex is connected to a single phone or tablet

  2. The Bad Elf Flex has a GNSS fix

  3. The phone or tablet has a stable internet connection

  4. The network User ID and Password is valid

  5. The mount point is operational