A known point (or stored location) is simply a geographic point (latitude/longitude, and optionally with name/elevation/datum) that can be used for various operations in the Flex app and hardware.

Supported Operations

The Bad Elf Flex app supports the following operations with known points:

  • Import or export a CSV file containing known points.
  • Import a single known point via URL.
  • Browse/create/edit/delete stored locations.
  • Create stored location from current position being reported by the Flex receiver.
  • Guide to a known point (shows range and bearing, with compass/track/north up orientation).
  • Use known point as the reference point when setting up a Flex for base mode.
  • Use known point(s) as the control point(s) for laser offset workflows.

The Bad Elf Flex hardware also supports a limited set of standalone operations with known points:

  • Import a known-points.csv file from the root folder of a USB drive connected via the USB-OTG adapter.
  • Use known point as the reference point when setting up a Flex for base mode.

CSV File Format for Known Points

The CSV should contain one or more known points, with one per line:

Name, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Datum


"GEMINI", 35.21681806, -111.63347662, 2145.963, NAD83(2011)_6318

"ROOF", 33.6245, -111.9146391, 431.304, WGS84_4326


  • Name (optional): avoid punctuation
  • Latitude: decimal degrees N. use - for S. eg 35.6789
  • Longitude: decimal degrees E. use - for W. eg -115.6789
  • Altitude (optional): in meters
  • Datum (optional): one of:
    • WGS84_4326 
    • ITRF2000_8997 
    • ITRF2008_8999 
    • ITRF2008_8999 
    • ITRF2014_9000 
    • NAD83(2011)_6318