Connecting a Bluetooth Elf to your phone or tablet couldn't be easier, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Power ON your Bad Elf GPS device by pressing and holding the Power (top) button for 3 seconds.

  2. On your phone or tablet, navigate to Settings > Then tap ConnectionsTap Bluetooth. When it appears, select your Bad Elf receiver from the list of available accessories.

  1. You will then be prompted with a PIN code, to confirm the PIN code on both your Android device and Bad Elf Receiver match.

  2. Accept the pairing by pressing the GPS (bottom) button on your Bad Elf and tapping the confirmation prompt on your Android device.  You must confirm the PIN code on both sides to complete the pairing process.

  1. You have successfully paired your Bad Elf GPS receiver to your Android phone or tablet, and are ready to get your Elf communicating with your favorite location-based app. 

NOTE: At this point, it is normal for your Bad Elf GPS to appear in the Previously connected devices list, or show as Disconnected.  On Android, the Bluetooth connection is only open when a compatible application is actively connected to your GPS receiver.

Your next steps depend on what app you are trying to use: 

  • If your 3rd party app has direct integration with Bad Elf GPS Receivers, selection of the Bad Elf as the preferred data source will occur from within the 3rd party app.  A great example of this workflow is found in Esri mobile offerings. 

  • Otherwise, configure Android to use a mock location provider to link your Bad Elf GPS with any location-based app.


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