To support collecting offset measurements in ArcGIS Field Maps, Bad Elf has defined a set of custom field attributes (documented here). Prior to data collection, you will need to add these field attributes to any point feature classes you wish to use with offset measurements in the field. The process depends on what tools you use to create and edit your projects.

NOTE: before starting this process, your desired point feature class should have already been configured with Z-values and (optionally) prepared for high-accuracy data collection.  The toolbox scripts described below will also add them if needed.

ArcGIS Pro (2.2 or later) and Desktop

We have created a tool you can run against your feature class to verify the necessary pre-reqs are met and add all the required field attributes. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download the Bad Elf Toolbox for ArcGIS from our GitHub repository.
  2. In ArcGIS Pro, navigate to the Catalog pane, right click on Toolboxes, and select Add Toolbox.
  3. Find the BadElfToolboxForArcGIS.tbx file you downloaded in Step 1 and add it.
  4. Open the toolbox and double-click on the Add Bad Elf Field Attributes script to open the tool.
  5. In the Geoprocessing pane, select your input feature class in the Feature Class input box by:  
    1. Selecting your feature class from the drop down menu.
    2. By dragging the feature class you wish to update from either the map or catalog to the box.
    3. Alternatively, if the feature is not already added to your current project, you can browse to it by clicking the folder icon. 
  6. Check the boxes of each workflow category you wish to include in your data collection layer.
    1. Reference the field attributes article for more information on each category. 
  7. Click Run, and your feature class will be updated with the Bad Elf custom field attributes.
  8. Ensure that the feature is published so it is enabled for field data collection with ArcGIS Field Maps  or ArcGIS Collector

ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro (earlier than 2.2)

Python scripts coming soon...

ArcGIS Online

Feature classes managed via AGOL will need to be manually updated with the Bad Elf custom field attributes you wish to use.  You can use the the documentation here, or open the source code for the Python script in the GitHub repo above.

Need help?

Please reach out to our support team.