We recommend updating the Wombat firmware using the Bad Elf Wombat app, but if your Wombat is running extremely old firmware you may need to perform the update using a USB drive or SD card.

To update the Wombat firmware:

  1. Using your PC or Mac, download the latest Wombat firmware using this link:


  2. Locate this file on your computer, and rename the file to wombat-firmware.dfu.bin .
  3. Copy this file to the root of a USB or SD card, and cleanly eject/unmount the USB drive or SD card using Windows File Explorer or Finder.
  4. Turn you Wombat power ON, and wait 45-60 seconds.
  5. Insert the USB drive or SD card into the Wombat, using the USB or SD receptacle on the end of the Wombat hardware.  The USB receptacle on the side of the unit (opposite the power switch) is for charging only.
  6. Within 15 seconds you should see the Wi-Fi indicator blink red/blue rapidly, indicating the firmware update is in progress.
  7. Within 90 seconds the Wombat will reboot itself.  
  8. Wait another 45-60 seconds for the Wombat to complete the startup process.  
  9. You can verify the firmware update was successful by checking the firmware version in the My Wombat screen in the Bad Elf Wombat app.