Bad Elf Flex Tokens

This article will show how to load tokens onto the Bad Elf Flex. Each Bad Elf Flex Token is good for 24-hours. With one Bad Elf Flex Token you can do any of the following:

  • Unlock multi-frequency for higher accuracy SBAS (30 - 60 cm accuracy).*

  • Use RTK with your local CORS or VRS network for survey-grade accuracy (1 cm).*

  • Use L-Band satellite corrections for places without SBAS or Internet connectivity (5 - 10 cm worldwide).

If your Bad Elf Flex is permanently unlocked these features do not require Bad Elf Flex Tokens.

  1. With your Bad Elf Flex ON and connected via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet open our app. Your Bad Elf Flex will be detected by our app and you will see the following screen.  To load tokens tap the Accuracy Mode button in the center menu.

  1. Select the Load more Flex Tokens button.

  1. Use either the QR code or 8-digit code associated with your Bad Elf Flex Token pack by selecting the button associated with your desired method for redemption.  The ability to purchase Bad Elf Tokens can also be accessed from this same page by selecting the button at the top of the page, Buy Flex Token

  1. Use the increment (+) button or decrement (-) button found beside the Transfer N Flex Tokens Now to select the number of Flex Tokens to move to the connected Bad Elf Flex.  When the desired quantity is displayed in the center box tap the Transfer N Flex Tokens Now to transfer tokens to the Bad Elf Flex.

For any further assistance, please contact our support team via