Dynamic Platform Models

The following configurations adjust the u-blox navigation engine to the expected user environment.




Applications with low acceleration, e.g. portable devices. Suitable for most situations.


Used in timing applications (antenna must be stationary) or other stationary applications.

Velocity restricted to 0 m/s. Zero dynamics assumed.


Applications with low acceleration and speed, e.g. how a pedestrian would move. Low

acceleration assumed.


Used for applications with equivalent dynamics to those of a passenger car. Low vertical

acceleration assumed.

At sea

Recommended for applications at sea, with zero vertical velocity. Zero vertical velocity

assumed. Sea level assumed.

Airborne <1g

Used for applications with a higher dynamic range and vertical acceleration than a

passenger car. No 2D position fixes supported.

Airborne <2g 

Recommended for typical airborne environment. No 2D position fixes supported.

Airborne <4g 

Only recommended for extremely dynamic environments. No 2D position fixes supported.