Esri Collector is able to call for positional information directly from our line of Bluetooth Receivers.  The direct connection allows for Collector to get a much richer data set from the Bad Elf receiver leading to better results on your end.  Getting this added benefit requires some initial configuration.  This article assumes that you have already paired your Bad Elf with your Android device. The images below are shown on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

1.  Connect your Bad Elf Receiver with your Android device, and open Collector.  After logging into your Esri account you will find yourself on the main landing page below. Tap the Menu button to bring up the menu. Tap Settings.

2.  Under the Location header, tap Location Provider to bring up the GPS receiver page.

3.  Select a receiver that has been that has been added to collector. If you do not see your Bad Elf that has been connected over bluetooth, tap Add a receiver to add it, and select your Elf from the next screen. There will be a checkmark next to the currently selected receiver. 

4.  There's one more place you need to make sure it's connected. On the map itself, tap the crosshair in the bottom left corner, to make sure the map is following your location.

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