Here is a breakdown of the datalogger settings within the Bad Elf GPS app for the Bad Elf ProPro+, and GNSS Surveyor.



Turn datalogging on and off and save points of interest on your Bad Elf GPS.

Logging Rate

The above setting determines the rate at which the Bad Elf GPS records your location in a datalogged trip. For most trips, "6 per min" is recommended because a higher rate creates proportionally larger trip files.

Smart Filter

Smart filtering lets you set a speed threshold below which datalogging is paused. For example, when the smart filter is set to "Flying," your location and speed are only recorded if your speed exceeds 50mph. This results in a smaller trip file. If smart filtering is disabled, all points will be recorded.


The above setting determines when your Bad Elf GPS should automatically start datalogging.

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