On all of our bluetooth GPS receiver models, it is possible to set a passcode to protect your data. This tutorial will use the GPS Pro+, but the process is the same for the Pro, and the GNSS Surveyor models. 

1. From the main screen of the Bad Elf GPS app, tap on your Elf's name on the left side, and then select Advanced Settings on the right side. 

2. This is the Advanced Settings page. Tap on Passcode Lock.

3. To the enable the Passcode, tap the switch in the top right corner. 

4. You will now enter the desired passcode twice, in order to confirm it. When you are finished typing it, tap Ok.

5. Your passcode is now set! 

6. There are several options presented to you when using a passcode:

Lets take a look at the available options here on this page:

  • Passcode: This will toggle the passcode protection on the Elf on and off.
  • Change passcode: This will prompt you to enter a new passcode for your device, replacing the previous code.
  • Relock: This will lock the Elf, requiring you to enter the passcode again to change any of the below settings

Sliding the switches for the options below means that you need to enter the passcode before performing these operations. Sliding these switches off means that you will perform these operations without entering a passcode.

  • Update firmware
  • Change settings
  • Download trips
  • Delete trips

If you run into issues, forget your passcode, or have questions on the process, contact us over email at support@bad-elf.com.