Here is a breakdown of the display settings within the Bad Elf GPS app for the Bad Elf Pro, Bad Elf Pro+, and Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor.



Display Coordinates

Altimeter Setting (Pro+ and GNSS Surveyor only)

Pressure (Pro+ and GNSS Surveyor only)

Temperature (Pro+ and GNSS Surveyor only)

The above settings determine which units are used to display serious various readings on the LCD of your Bad Elf.     

Time Zone

Daylight Savings (+1)

Select the time zone to be shown on the Bad Elf GPS display. Selecting Daylight Savings will addd one hour to the time. Manually adjust the Daylight Savings setting whenever it changes in your locale. Press the "Copy from iPhone" button to copy the time zone and daylight savings value from your iPhone to the Bad Elf GPS.


The above setting determines how long the LCD backlight stays on when you tap the top button on your Bad Elf GPS. "Momentary on" turns the backlight on for a few seconds before it turns off on its own. "Toggle" turns the backlight on or off each time you press the top button.

Accuracy Method

This setting determines the method used for computing the horizontal, vertical, and positional accuracy estimates displayed on the LCD screen of your Bad Elf GPS.

There are two options available: CEP, and RMS.  If you are having issues with your GPS accuracy aligning with the displayed accuracy in another app, confirming the standards implemented in each place align with the other.  If you are curious about learning more, GPS World has an article on different accuracy types Here.

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