You have received your Bad Elf Wombat. Congratulations! If you are new to the Bad Elf Family, welcome. If you have previously used Bad Elf in the past, welcome to Wombat.

Let's get down to business, though: Connecting your Wombat to your iPhone or iPad.

1) Turn on your Wombat, using the switch on its side. You will see the red power icon light up on the top. After approximately a minute, you will see the blue Wi-Fi icon turn solid. Your Wombat is now fully booted up!

2) Go to the Settings app on your iPad or iPhone, and go to the Wi-Fi tab. If you are within range of your Wombat, you will see it show up in the Choose a Network... list. 

Tap on your Bad Elf Wombat.

3) Enter the password for your Wombat. This is printed on the back of your Wombat. When your password is entered, tap Join.

4) Congratulations! Your Wombat is connected to your iPad or iPhone. Head over to the Bad Elf Wombat app, or the Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) to start transferring your data files.

If you are using JDM, you will still need to connect the Wombat within the JDM app. We have instructions on that here: JDM Instructions.

Notice that it says No Internet Connection below the Wombat name. You may also experience a prompt, telling you your Wombat isn't connected to Wi-Fi. This is expected, and normal! While Wombat uses Wi-Fi hardware as a bridge, but it does not connect you to the internet.

If you have any issues or further questions, please contact us at