Within the Bad Elf Wombat App, there are multiple toggleable settings. Let's go over these settings and their various functions. If you go to the Settings page of the Wombat App, you will see this screen.

My Wombat

Welcome to the My Wombat page. This page shows you information on your Wombat, and it's current status. If you're having issues with you Wombat, this is the best place to start. Here you can check if there is a firmware update and if your USB drive or SD card is detected by the Wombat. 

If you are using Jeppeson's Skybound G2 Adapter with your Wombat, it will show up here as a USB drive.

Manage Files on This iPad/iPhone

From here you can select and delete unwanted, unneeded, or old files off of your iPad or iPhone.

Hide expired databases from view

When this is toggled On, expired databases will still be kept on the iPad or iPhone, but will be hidden from view. These can be deleted from Manage files on this iPad/iPhone

Prompt when downloading over cellular

When this is toggled On, and you try to download a database while on cellular data, you will be prompted before continuing. We don't want you to accidentally use all of your data downloading databases. Toggle this setting Off If you are content with always downloading over cellular data.

Auto-delete expired databases from this iPad after 30 days

Unless you specifically intend to keep expired databases, we recommend toggling this setting on. It will keep data files from building up on your iPad or iPhone, as expired databases will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

Enable app logging for remote debugging

If this setting is turned on, you will be able to send us a debugging record of any issues you may encounter when using your Wombat.

Main Operation

This dictates the primary function of the Wombat. When in Flight Logs mode, the Wombat app will be configured for uploading Flight Logs to a web-service. When on Avionics Databases mode, Wombat downloading Avionics for Turbine aircraft. 

We have a full write-up on switching between these two usage systems here: https://badelf.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/5000785336-switching-wombat-modes

Enter fleet code

If you have a fleet code, enter it here. If you have not been issued a code, disregard this.

App Version

As of August 14, 2018, the current App version is 1.0.9 (1254).

If your app is out of date, go to the App Store app, and go to the Updates tab to update your Wombat App to the latest version.

If you head down to Release Notes, you can see the current, and previous iterations of the App. 

Available Firmware

This lists the current firmware iteration available for the Bad Elf Wombat hardware.

As of August 14, 2018, the currently available firmware version is 1.1.12.

If your Wombat firmware is out of date, we have an article on updating your Wombat's firmware here: https://badelf.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/5000784497-updating-wombat-firmware

Release Notes

This is a record of information on releases for this, the Bad Elf Wombat App.

I have a customer service code

If you have been issued a code by Bad Elf Customer Support, here is where will enter that code. If you have not been issued a code, disregard this.