1. Turn on your Wombat. It may take up to a minute for the Wombat to fully boot. When this process is completed, the WiFi icon will be blue on the Wombat will be solid blue.

Go to the Settings App. Tap Wi-Fi to bring up the Wi-Fi settings. Tap on Bad Elf Wombat to connect to it. The Wombat will connect, and it will show No Internet Connection. This is normal and expected. While the Wombat uses Wi-Fi as a bridge, it does not connect your iPad to the internet. 

2. Go now to the JDM App. At the top left of the page, you will see it says Connected To: Bad Elf Wombat. At this time, while the Wombat is connected to your iPhone, there is no data flowing through to the JDM App. Tap on Connect To: Bad Elf Wombat. Doing so will bring up a prompt on the bottom of your screen. Press Connect on this prompt to complete the connection.

3. The icon will now go through a visual change as it connects. It will change to yellow, then to green, then to not having any colored highlight. The Bad Elf Logo will appear to the left of Connected To: Bad Elf Wombat.

4. The connection between your iPhone and the Wombat is now complete. The cloud icon next to Connected To: Bad Elf Wombat has disappeared and has now been replaced by a Bad Elf Logo. This is a visual indicator of a successful connection. Furthermore, the Download All option in the top right has disappeared, and the Download buttons are greyed out. 

By once more tapping Connected To: Bad Elf Wombat, you can see that your Wombat is now fully connected to the JDM App, and you can see specific info on your Wombat.

5. At this time, any avionics databases you have downloaded will now be able to be transferred from the Transfer To Device tab, to the SD card or USB drive inserted into your Wombat.