This functionality is found on all Bluetooth models of a minimum firmware release;  Bad Elf GPS Pro(BE-GPS-2200): v2.0.66,  Bad Elf GPS Pro+ (BE-GPS-2300) v2.1.20, and Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor (BE-GPS-3300) v2.1.20.

1. With the Bad Elf GPS turned OFF, press and hold the middle button.

2.  While continuing to hold the middle button, press and hold the top button turn the Bad Elf GPS Receiver ON.

3. As soon as the Bad Elf GPS Receiver is ON you can release the Top Power button, please continue to hold the middle button.  

4. The Bad Elf GPS Receiver will display a pop-up message seen below indicating success,  the existing pairings manifest has been Cleared.

*** All previous pairing records are now cleared from the Elf, but the corresponding record on the associated Bluetooth device will need to have its record for the Elf manually cleared.  On the phone/table go to the Bluetooth page on the Settings app. In iOS tap the circle-i beside this Bad Elf GPS in the list. Then select "forget this device" and confirm. Android and Windows devices are very simliar you will select the individual entries for the Elf and then "forget device" ***