Prior to starting the update process, you will want to ensure you are ready to do so by confirming a few details.

  • You are running our most up to date version of our app, check the app store to see if you have an update waiting.
  • Your iOS device has a connection to the internet, this will be indicated by a Wifi/Cell Signal in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • You have time to complete the update, the process should only take 2-3 minutes.

1. Should a newer version of firmware exist for your Bad Elf GPS, our app will indicate that an update is available when your Elf is connected.

2.  The first step in the update process is to get new firmware downloaded to the Bad Elf, tap Download in the upper right corner. 

3.  Once the new firmware release has been downloaded you need to tap the Install in the upper right corner to push the update to the Elf. 

4. While the transfer is occurring the progress is tracked on the arc as evidenced in the image below.  You should see continuous and steady progress during the entire install process.

5. As soon as the firmware has been installed on the Elf the following screen will be presented.  You will see the Elf power down and the LED flash several times as process if finalized.   

6.  Upon completion of the firmware update, our app will indicate you were successful.