This setting is available to any Bad Elf Bluetooth GPS, including the Bad Elf GPS Pro (BE-GPS-2200), the Bad Elf GPS Pro+ (BE-GPS-2300), as well as the Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor (BE-GPS-3300).  

Your Bad Elf can be configured to shut itself down when certain conditions are met.  

  • The Elf isn't actively logging
  • The Elf isn't connected to USB Power
  • The Elf isn't actively connected by Bluetooth to another device

When these conditions are met the Elf will shut itself down after the interval defined by the user.  

To configure this option start with your Bad Elf Bluetooth GPS ON and connected to your iOS device.

1. Open the Bad Elf GPS app and select your Bad Elf from the Menu.  

2. In the central pane of the settings select Power Settings.

3.  Select the Auto-off when Idle entry.

4. Chose the time interval that makes the most sense for your usage scenario.

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