Some devices rely on a PIN number* to allow the pairing process to occur.  This is related to a legacy BT specification and the Elf can be configured to supply the generic pin 0000 to support this requirement.  The Bad Elf GPS Pro, Bad Elf GPS Pro+, and the Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor all support this configuration.  

1. To access this configurable feature your Elf needs to be ON and connected to your iOS device.  Open our app and tap the tab in the menu for your Bad Elf. 

2. Select Bluetooth Settings from the subsequent menu.

3. In the main window pane, scroll down to the setting Allow PIN 0000.  By default, this is set to Never, tap the cell to open the configurable options. 

4.  You can configure Allow PIN 0000 permanently or temporarily as your need dictates.  Select the option desired and you are done.  The Elf will now broadcast the associated PIN 0000 for legacy pairing requirements for the chosen timeframe.   

* The PIN number is not the same as the six-digit pairing request code that is shared by more modern devices with displays

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