The Bad Elf GPS app is used to download trips that have been logged locally to the Bad Elf GPS Pro, Pro+, or GNSS Surveyor.  The process is the same for each of these Bad Elf devices.  

1. When connected to your iOS device, the Bad Elf app will scan any connected Bluetooth Elf capable of logging for trips that have not been transferred.  When non-transferred trips are detected, a cell will appear in the main menu indicating Download X New Trips.

2. As soon as the Download X New Trips tab is selected in our app you will see progress tracked in the main window of the app.  Should you need to cancel this operation, you can! Tap Cancel in the top right corner to do so.

3.  Upon completion of the Trip Download, you will be prompted to either keep the trips on the Elf or delete them from the Elf.

If you run into issues, or have questions on the process, contact us over email at