The images used in these instructions reference the Bad Elf GPS Pro, but the process is identical for the Pro+, and GNSS Surveyor


1.  With your Bad Elf GPS Receiver On and Connected to your iOS device, open our app.  Please select the entry in the side menu for your Bad Elf GPS

2.  You are now at the device sub-menu, select the Trip Storage menu to access the trips stored on your elf. 


3.   All recorded trips will populate here in the trip storage section. A symbol will also represent where the trip is stored. The phone represents the trips stored on the phone, and the Bad Elf symbol represents the trips being stored on The Bad Elf device. There are a few options on how to delete your trips.



3a. You can delete all trips that have been downloaded to the iOS device - simply tap the Delete Downloaded button in the corner.  Confirm deletion on the successive pop-up and you are done.


3b. You can select an individual or multiple trips by tapping on the trip, a green check will appear on the selected trips. 


For any further assistance, please contact our support team via