*The images used in these instructions reference the Bad Elf GPS Pro, but the process is identical for the Pro+, and GNSS Surveyor

1.  With your Bad Elf GPS Receiver On and Connected to your iOS device, open our app.  Please select the entry in the side menu for your Bad Elf GPS

2.  You are now at the device sub-menu, select the Trip Storage menu from the access the trips stored on your elf. 

The center pane of our app will populate with trips that currently exist on your Elf, each line a single log.  From left to right you will see a circle allowing you to select a specific trip, Name of the trip, Time the log was started, Duration in both time and data points, and two symbols to the right.  The symbols indicate where a specific trip is currently stored, Because you are looking at the directory view of the Elf, each line will always display the Bad Elf Bluetooth Symbol, in addition to this you may see a pictogram of an iOS device.  In the image below you will see both, indicating there is a copy of the trip on the Bad Elf AND a copy of the trip on this specific iOS device.

At this point you have a choice to make ...

3a. You can delete all trips that have been downloaded to the iOS device - simply tap the Delete Downloaded button in the corner.  Confirm deletion on the successive pop-up and you are done. 

3b. You may only want to delete specific trips, use the circle (1) to the left of each item in the list to select the items you want to take action on.  After selecting the circle will be highlighted and readily apparent.  After selecting at least one trip the text in the bottom corner will now indicate Delete (count of trips selected).  Tap Delete (2) to clear the trip from the Bad Elf and then confirm on the successive pop-up and you are done.

If you run into issues, or have questions on the process, contact us over email at support@bad-elf.com.