1. On your Mac open up System Preference


2.  Select Bluetooth, you will see the screen below.  Select your Bad Elf from the list of discovered devices, in this instance Bad Elf GPS #001967, and tap the Pair button.


3. The handshake process with the Bad Elf GPS receiver requires that the user confirms the pairing request.  On the Mac you will see a screen similar to the following, the pairing code will match one displayed on the LCD of the Bad Elf.  To confirm the request you need to tap the Bottom Button on the Bad Elf Receiver.  loACo-ga9dTToVJ5MZSgN3oPezKkx73L7g.png

4. The process of pairing is now complete.  The Bad Elf GPS receiver will now appear in the upper portion of Bluetooth Devices - initially it will indicate that it is Connected, this is MacOS finalizing the pairing process as soon as this is complete it is normal to see the status switch to Not Connected.  It is up to an application to open up the Bluetooth connection with the Bad Elf GPS receiver.