Esri Collector is able to call for positional information directly from our line of Bluetooth Receivers.  The direct connection allows for Collector to get a much richer data set from the Bad Elf receiver leading to better results on your end.  Getting this added benefit requires some initial configuration.  This article assumes that you have already paired your Bad Elf with your Windows machine.    

1. You will need to have your Bad Elf ON for this configuration.

2. Open Collector and select Settings in the lower left hand corner.


3.  Select the Location heading at the top of the screen and you will see the following settings.  Under Location provider tap the currently selected source to add the Bad Elf as the preferred source. 


4.  You will see the following screen on the left please select Add a receiver.  Collector will scan your Windows PC/Tablet for any available antenna not previously configured and will display them as seen to the right.  Select your Bad Elf GPS Receiver from the list and then the Continue button.  A subsequent screen will ask you to select the height of your antennae, this is the height of Bad Elf Receiver at time of data collection.  


*If your PC doesn't recognize that there is a Bad Elf GPS as an available receiver there are a few things to check. 

  • Make sure your Bad Elf GPS is On
  • Make sure your Bad Elf is listed as a paired Bluetooth device
  • Make sure that another application on the same device isn't currently connected to the Bad Elf

5. At this you will be prompted by Windows if you are okay with Collector using the Bad Elf GPS, we've come to far together for you to say no now - please confirm this message.  You will then see the following screen where we select the Bad Elf GPS as our preferred data provider, Tap on Bad Elf GPS #XXXXXX and then Switch .  After seeing the Bad Elf GPS take the Current position at the top of this screen you can tap Close and get to your data collecting tasks.


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