NOTE: Depending on the app Android devices require a “mock location provider” such that they can use an external Bluetooth GPS device instead of the internal GPS. In order to enable mock location, follow the instructions below on your Android phone or tablet. You will not have to repeat the process on this device unless it is reset. 

  1. Download our recommended Mock location provider app: NTRIP Client or Bluetooth GNSS.

  2. On your Andriod phone or tablet, navigate to Settings About Phone and repeatedly tap “Build number” (7 or more times) until your phone or tablet confirms with a message similar to You are now a Developer.  Under the main settings will now see Developer options.

Alternatively, in settings, you can search for “Build number” and tap it 7 times from this menu. Samsung and other common brands use alternate paths for Build number. Searching will be the fastest approach. 

  1. Now that developer options are enabled, choose your preferred app as your mock location source, by navigating to Settings > System > Developer options > Select mock location app and select the NTRIP Client or Bluetooth GNSS app.

Alternatively, in settings, you can search for “Mock Location”. Samsung and other common brands use alternate paths for Developer options and mock location. Searching will be the fastest approach. 

NTRIP Client Confiuration:

  1. Configuring NTRIP Client, open the application and tap the gear at the top right corner (settings) > tap Receiver Connection and select External via Bluetooth 

  1. Tap Bluetooth Device then tap your Bad Elf GPS device.

  1. Additional settings to enable are GPS Mock Location: Checked
    Mock Location Elevation: tap “Othometric Height”

  1. Back up to the main screen and tap: Connect

Bluetooth GNSS configuration:

  1. Configuring  Bluetooth GNSS app to use your Bad Elf GPS receiver.  Open the Bluetooth GNSS app and tap the Settings (gear icon). Under the Selected Target Bluetooth Device section, tap Select… and pick your Bad Elf GPS receiver from the list. Tap Save.

  1. Tap the back button or navigate to the main screen of the app, then tap the floating Bluetooth symbol at the bottom right corner of the app. This will open the Bluetooth connection to your Bad Elf GPS receiver and show your real-time location information.  You may need to go outside to get a GPS lock.

  1. At this point, the position information from your Bad Elf GPS will be flowing into the Mock Location framework. Open your desired location-based app (Google Maps, Google Earth Ect) and verify it is displaying your real-time location as expected.

For any further assistance, please contact our support team via