Android devices require a “mock location provider” such that they can use an external Bluetooth GPS device instead of the internal GPS. In order to enable mock location, you will need to have your Android phone or tablet read and follow these instructions. Once this process is completed, you will not have to repeat the process on this device unless it is reset.


  1. The instructions vary based upon the operating system of your Android device and some devices may not follow standard conventions.

  2. Please ensure your Bluetooth connection software is installed and configured prior to taking these actions.

Ensure your phone can access Developer Settings

This step is highly dependent upon the Android Operating System (OS) your device is running. Generally, recent OS’s don't have developer settings available by default, and the location of those settings will be different based upon the phone OS.

If your device is an older OS, developer settings are found in the Android Settings app, under Applications > Development.

If your device is running a newer OS, "Developer options" are at the top level of Android Settings. If this option is not visible, you will need to follow the procedure below. However, if you see “Developer Options”, then skip the steps below.

  • Open Android Settings > "About phone"

  • Scroll down to "Build number."

  • Tap the build number 7 times

  • A message will appear that counts down until you “become a developer.

Turn on "Allow mock locations."

If your Android OS is less than version 6.x then check the "Allow mock locations" in Developer settings/options.

For version 6.x or greater, there is an option “Select mock location app”. Choose this setting and select the application you would like to use to connect to your Bluetooth device.