iOS devices today require different levels of current to satisfy their individual requirements.  If you aren't sure the requirement for your associated device you can find that in the table below.  

iOS Model Name Adapter Rating Current Required
iPhone, iPod, iPad Mini (1st gen) 5W 1.0A
iPad (1st, 2nd & 3rd gen),
iPad Air, 
iPad Mini (2nd, 3rd, & 4th gen)
10W 2.1A
iPad (4th gen), iPad Pro 12W 2.4A

As initially configured the Bad Elf you have is only allowing 1A to flow through.  We have a setting to change this ... Your elf does need to be running the most current firmware (1.0.18) we can check that in the below process.

1. With the elf attached open our app and tap the entry in the menu for the elf.  

2. At the top you will see some product information, please confirm that the Firmware revision is listed as 1.0.18 - if not we will need to get you updated first. 

3. Assuming your firmware is up to date - at the bottom you will see a sub-heading PRODUCT SETTINGS.

4. Select USB POWER SOURCE and set this to the appropriate current level for your iOS device.  

*** If you aren't seeing a charging indicator (lightning bolt) in the upper righthand corner of the screen - please check that your AC/DC adapter is capable of charging your iOS device without the elf in-line.