The USB port can be set to specific data rates and at one time the standard rate that the unit was configured for when shipping wasn't the one that was needed by the external antennae.  

1. Your elf is ON and connected to your iOS device

2. Open our app

3. Tap the entry in the menu for your elf

4. Scroll down the new menu and select ADVANCED SETTINGS from the bottom

5. The entry for ELFPORT SPEED 

    a.  Tell me what you see here as of now - I expect 115200

    b.  Tap ELFPORT SPEED and then tap DEFAULT.  

6. Now turn the elf OFF and back ON 

7. Make sure your elf reconnects to your iOS device and you should see it appear in our app again.

8. Tap the entry in the main menu for your Elf.

9. Tap Product Information - beside ANTENNAE you should see EXTERNAL PUCK listed as follows (we do have some of the images ready for the article) 

Assuming you see this and the data rate is correct - you should start to see Sats. begin to populate the Satellite specific screen on both the elf and in our app.  Are you seeing this?