Your Bad Elf Bluetooth GPS can display three separate coordinate systems all based on the same positional data.  You can configure the format to match that used by your mapping system.  As a rule of thumb modern mapping tends to use Decimal Degrees, Marine charts Degrees Decimal Minutes, and Land Maps will use Degree Minutes Decimal Seconds.  


Configuration of Coordinates on LCD

1.  Your Bad Elf Bluetooth GPS needs to be ON and connected to your iOS device.

2.  Open our app and tap the entry for your Bad Elf, then tap the entry for Display Settings

3. The following screen will give you several ways to configure the units displayed on the LCD, select Coordinates.

4.  The Coordinates screen will give you the following options respectively; 31.41526° (Decimal Degrees), 31° 24.9556' (Degrees Decimal Minutes), and 31° 24'57.33" (Degrees Minutes Decimal Seconds).  Select the option that makes the most sense for your scenario. No other coordinate systems are supported. 

5. After your selection the LCD on your Bad Elf will update to your respective chosen system as follows.


Note: This configuration only changes the display on the LCD, changes to the coordinate system displayed in-app are made under App Settings.


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