For most users, we recommend using the Bad Elf GPS App as the method of updating the firmware on your Bad Elf Pro+. There are a number of additional safety measures built into the process found in our app to ensure success. This method of updating requires the use of a Mac or PC.

  • Download the following file:
  • Rename the downloaded file from BEGPS-2300-v2.1.44.dfu.bin to firmware.bin 
  • With the power OFF on the Bad Elf GPS Pro+, connect the Elf to your Mac or PC with the supplied USB Cable. 
  • You will be prompted to Tap the GPS (bottom) button to enter USB Drive mode.
  • After tapping the bottom button give the process a minute for the Elf to appear as a Drive in Finder or Explorer. 
  • Once you are able to access the Elf as a Drive, copy the renamed file firmware.bin to the root directory of the Bad Elf GPS Pro+. 
  • When the transfer of firmware.bin to the Bad Elf GPS Pro+ is complete.  Unplug the USB from the back of the Pro+ to exit USB Drive mode. 
  • Now plug the USB back in and tap the bottom button to enter USB Drive mode.
  • Upon entering USB Drive mode on this subsequent attempt, you should see small text on the screen that a firmware file was found. 
  • As soon as the firmware file is unpacked you will be prompted in large text to Press Power Button to Finish Firmware Update.  
  • Press the power button and the process will shortly be finalized, the Elf will power down and then power back up.  
  • The firmware version running on the Elf can be found on the startup screen in the text to the right.  

Supported Devices