IMPORTANT (as of 09-DEC-2022): Any Pro+ that did not ship from the factory running firmware 3.0.0 or newer requires a one-time GNSS engine update to resolve a critical bug.

If you see the screen shown to the right, you still need to perform the GNSS engine update via USB as described below.


  1. Download the update(s) you need:

  2. Rename the file BE-GPS-2300-v3.0.0.0.dfu.bin to firmware.bin .

  3. With the power OFF on the Bad Elf GPS Pro+, connect the Elf to your Mac or PC with the supplied USB cable. 

  4. You will be prompted to Tap the GPS (bottom) button to enter USB Drive mode.

  5. After tapping the bottom button, give the process a minute for the Elf to appear as a drive in Windows File Explorer or MacOS Finder. 

  6. Copy the files (firmware.bin and/or MTK-2300.bin) to the root directory (main folder) of the Bad Elf GPS Pro+. 

  7. When the transfers are complete, keep the USB cable connected and use File Explorer or Finder to eject the drive.  Within a few seconds, the Pro+ will display a SCANNING DRIVE FOR UPDATES message, and should automatically detect the updates. 

  8. If updating the Pro+ firmware, you'll be prompted to Press Power Button to Finish Firmware Update. Press the power (top) button to continue the update process.

  9. If updating the GNSS engine firmware, you'll see another progress screen. This process takes 2-3 minutes, and you'll be prompted to tap the Power (top) button when the process is complete.

  10. The firmware version running on the Elf can be found on the startup screen, to the right of the Bad Elf logo.  


  • More information re: the GNSS engine bug can be found here.
  • The GNSS engine update cannot be performed over Bluetooth; you must use a PC or Mac.
  • If you get a "FILE CORRUPTED" error, just try again starting from Step 3.
  • If you continue to get a "FILE CORRUPTED" error, you may need to reformat the drive on your Pro+.  Contact us via and we'll walk you thru this process.

Supported Devices: 

For any further assistance, please contact our support team via