For most users, we recommend using the Bad Elf GPS App (iOS only) to update the firmware on your Bad Elf Pro+ over the Bluetooth connection. 

If you are unable to update your Pro+ firmware via the app, you can use a PC or Mac to install the update:


  1. Download this file:

  2. Rename the downloaded file from BEGPS-2300-v2.1.61.dfu.bin to firmware.bin 

  3. With the power OFF on the Bad Elf GPS Pro+, connect the Elf to your Mac or PC with the supplied USB Cable. 

  4. You will be prompted to Tap the GPS (bottom) button to enter USB Drive mode.

  5. After tapping the bottom button give the process a minute for the Elf to appear as a drive in Finder or Explorer. 

  6. Once you are able to access the Elf as a Drive, copy the renamed file firmware.bin to the root directory of the Bad Elf GPS Pro+. 

  7. When the transfer of firmware.bin to the Bad Elf GPS Pro+ is complete.  Unplug the USB from the back of the Pro+ to exit USB Drive mode. 

  8. Now plug the USB back in and tap the bottom button to enter USB Drive mode.

  9. Upon entering USB Drive mode on this subsequent attempt, you should see small text on the screen that a firmware file was found. 

  10. As soon as the firmware file is unpacked you will be prompted in large text to Press Power Button to Finish Firmware Update

  11. Press the power button and the process will shortly be finalized, the Elf will power down and then power back up.  

  12. The firmware version running on the Elf can be found on the startup screen, to the right of the Bad Elf logo.  

Supported Devices: 

For any further assistance, please contact our support team via