With our direct connect models the LED is going to tell you the operational state of the GPS.  

  • No LED - No Power to the Elf
  • Single Flash of LED - Occurs when the elf is attached to an iOS device that is On and indicates that the Elf has a positive connection 
  • Flashing LED - An app is making a call for positional data and the antennae is currently searching
  • Solid On LED - The Elf has a lock and is supplying data

To test this attach your Bad Elf GPS to your iOS device.
  • Open the Bad Elf app.
  • On the Bad Elf tab, you should see your device listed under Bad Elves Connected. If not, take it out and insert it again.
  • The LED on the Bad Elf GPS should start blinking. (Note: the LED only lights if there's an app that's using the current location.)
  • Go to the Satellite tab 
  • You should start seeing colored bars appear in the bottom white region.
  • After about 40 seconds, depending on your view of the sky, the LED should stop blinking and turn solid on. Some number of the gray circles on the Satellites page should turn white.
  • If this works as described, then you know your Bad Elf GPS is working.
  • If this does not work, please double-check: Are you sure you have a clear view of the sky? Remember that trees will increase the time it takes for your Bad Elf GPS to lock. Also, if you're standing near a building, you're only seeing half the sky! If you're still not getting a lock, please contact us at support@bad-elf.com. You may have a defective Bad Elf GPS.